May 30, 2024

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The Difference Between Grilled and Fried Foods and Its Effects on Your Diet

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Food is life! I know that food can be enticing and luring to the eyes but it doesn’t mean that we don’t watch out what we cram down our mouth daily. Today, the abundance of restaurants and fast food chains plays havoc to out diet, so a smart diet watcher has to be careful. Even supermarkets sell and advertise mouth watering microwavable dishes that you can just pop into the oven, and then enjoy. But what about the nutritional values? There might be some ingredients that may prove harmful to your body; so, it’s more healthful if we cook our own food, because we can choose out the ingredients. For a busy career oriented person, for people who have sicknesses or diseases as well as diet conscious ones, simple and practical cooking is best.

Two easy methods that we will be discussing here are frying and grilling. But in fried foods we need to deal with oil which a person on diet tries to avoid; the dish absorbs so much oil, that sometimes losses its original taste, while grilled foods retain it. Besides greasy, oily foods are not advisable for those who follow their diet regimen strictly. Too much oil from the food is also prohibited for people who have diabetes and heart diseases. If you have a sickness that can be triggered by eating oily foods, you should stop eating it. Think of your body’s health more than your happiness in eating. You don’t want to waste your life on a hospital bed, do you?

In grilling foods, we can either use electric griller or the traditional charcoal broiler. We can better preserve the flavor by wrapping the seasoned food to be grilled in aluminum foil just before placing in the rack and cooking it. The heat from the broiler will be distributed evenly on the dish, thus shorter time is needed to cook the food. It is also advised by experts not to directly grill food in your charcoal broiler because the charred part is harmful when ingested frequently. Besides by wrapping it in the foil, the juices as well as nutrients will be retained by the dish. If you are in a diet, it is essential to eat a balanced meal daily, so as not to compromise the sustenance that our body badly needs. Grilled foods, especially fish, meat and chicken fulfill our protein needs. Potatoes and corn can be grilled too, as well as some vegetables for sidings and it’s already a complete meal; that’s filling, less cholesterol and sure to greatly help your diet.

However, you may notice that sometimes grilled food taste bland, well you can do something about it. You may brush the top of your fish fillet or chicken with the skin removed of course, with canola or sesame oil. Then you can sprinkle a little iodized salt, crushed basil leaves or rosemary and enjoy your healthy, non- fattening dish. Even though it might taste like fried food, it hasn’t disrupted your diet plan because the oil you had used is diet friendly and easily digested. | Newsphere by AF themes.