Product Review: Qwell Silver Gas Barbeque With Stainless Body

The Qwell Silver gas barbeque grill is a quality value product from Italian manufacturing giant Qwell that is very durable, sleek and continues to impress grill users worldwide.

Qwell Silver is among the newest batch of barbeque gas grills from Qwell’s ever-growing line of barbeque grill models. It’s body is made of 430 marine grade, pure stainless steel making the Qwell Silver gas grill a very durable and likewise solid built gas barbeque that offers an assurance of quality craftsmanship.

It comes with two collapsible side tables that offer gas barbeque grilling flexibility especially for those users that are having limitations when it comes to space. If the space is an influencing factor in choosing a gas grill for barbeque, the Qwell Silver’s two side tables (or just one side table) can be put down for it to fit easily in the area where it is installed. If placed in an open wide area, the Qwell Silver barbeque grill’s side tables can be raised and utilized for a lot of uses most of which, is to keep the ease of having an extra storage or space where a griller can use to place the food to be grilled, as well as the tool and equipment used in doing barbeque. The Silver also comes with lockable heavy duty wheels that are designed to carry it’s solid weight for easy transportation and added flexibility.

The Qwell Silver features a double-walled stainless roasting hood that is very useful for those grill users that enjoy roasting and smoking barbeque. With the Silver’s double walled roasting hood, the accumulating heat that is inside the grill when doing smoking and roasting is efficiently trapped making it easy and fast to reach the desired temperature. The hood also is appropriately designed to promote a constant circular wave motion of heat and smoke thereby giving the food an authentic flavourful taste.

The Qwell Silver’s two griddles (hotplate optional) are all made of cast iron metal which is the most popular for grills and barbeque aficionados worldwide because of its capacity to retains heat more which results to keeping the grilled meat juicy and succulent once cooked.

With regards to cleaning and maintenance, the Qwell Silver’s frontal drip tray provides an easy access to all accumulated oil, grease and residue from your barbeque. One nice trick to even do the cleaning job easier is to place an aluminum foil on the drip tray before you start your barbeque. When the grilling is finished, users then will just need to dispose the aluminum foil together with all the dirt and grease.

The Qwell Silver is truly a smart choice if your top priorities in choosing for your next gas grill are equipment durability, flexibility in design and ease of use. With the Silver’s price that is very competitive and slightly lower compared to other equally popular brands, you can never go wrong if you decide to choose it as your next (or first) gas barbeque grill!

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