Does Everyone Snore?

Melinda D. Teston

Snoring is something that we all do sometimes, and this even includes the family pets. Snoring is an occasional occurrence that may happen during all ages and stages of life. When it comes to the percentage of children that regularly snore, it has been found that approximately 10% to 12% of kids snore nightly. For women that habitually snore, the average percentage is 24%, and for men, the percentage is approximately 40%. It has also been discovered that the chances of becoming a habitual snorer increases with age, but after the age of 70 for both women and men, regular snoring is less likely for snoring to happen.

For those individuals that are young, middle-aged or even those that are up in years and are obese or even just somewhat overweight are much more likely to habitually snore. The main reason for this is because the extra fat around the neck puts much more pressure and fat upon the breathing passageways of the back of the throat. Another increased cause for snoring is due to the obstruction of the nasal passages. Snoring is also known to increase during pregnancy, due to the extra weight gain that happens. This is definitely true toward the end of the pregnancy.

Even though snoring has now been discovered to run throughout family lines, not every family member will be doomed to snore. Along with snoring being sometimes inherited, there are also many other factors that are outside unnatural contributors. Some of the worst outer contributing causes of snoring are cigarette smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, the use of muscle relaxants and other types of sedative drugs, and even some types of over the counter medications. It is best to stop all drinking of alcoholic beverages and all smoking. If there are needed medications that tend to cause the snoring, your doctor can interchange certain medications for others that will not contributing to the snoring in many cases.

When it comes to foods, there are occasional problems with eating large heavy foods late in the evening before bedtime that will cause snoring and even milk and dairy products are known to cause extra mucus in the throat that will cause snoring issues throughout the night. To figure out if these are the contributing factors, you must test the theory out by changing your eating habits for a good two weeks. This can be done by eating earlier and lighters dinners and by cutting out dairy foods and milk during the evening times.

There are now many anti-snoring remedies such as Asonor nose drops and methods that you will surely find one to best end the snoring in your home. There are such anti-snoring options like positional therapy, oral appliances and over-the-counter anti-snoring remedies that are all good at ending most people’s snoring problems. It is all a matter of finding the best fitting one just for you or the snorer in your life. It is best to start trying out various anti snoring methods and then decide which one is the best anti-snoring cure that will help stop the nightly snoring.

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