May 29, 2024

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Top 3 Restaurants in Montreal Downtown

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There is no doubt that Montreal houses some of the most excellent restaurants in North America as well as in Canada. Just visit its downtown core and you’ll find some of the finest establishments offering their unique specialties. You can get to taste some of the interesting international flavors out here. You may choose to sip cafĂ© au lait on its sidewalks and indulge in some refreshing and tasty desserts as well. Count on the top 3 restaurants in Montreal Downtown and enjoy their fascinating specialties discussed in detail in this article.

Bar & Boeuf

Bar & Boeuf can be the ultimate choice for both business events and private meetings. The well decorated private room can easily house more than 150 people during any special event. The private room is situated on the second floor and can be an ideal place to hold any special event.

Reception services takes you on the main floor of the Bar et Bouef which has been wonderfully designed to host private events, business lunch or dinner. This glowing room can welcome more than 300 people for cocktails with comfortable seating arrangements.

Sited at the heart of Montreal’s financial district, Bar & Boeuf enjoys a strategic location which makes it close to a well-known historic landmark. This Montreal restaurant has two separate floors that can offer seating arrangements for more than 160 people.

Warm and pleasant, Bar & Boeuf can be the ideal destination for someone seeking to experience some seasonal and evolving menus. The restaurants features a host of traditional ingredients paired up with fresh approach. All of which emphasizes uprightness, flavor, and relaxed elegance.

With great service and quality food, Bar et Boeuf is definitely in the race to be one of the best Montreal restaurants of the current time.


Restaurant Buonanote was developed out of a simple idea that entertainment and restaurant can go along successfully. Maintaining excellence in the field of culinary delights and refreshing Italian cuisine, Buonanotte is one of the stylish Montreal restaurants which serve its patrons with a beacon of Montreal nightlife.

Established in 1991, Restaurant Buonanotte is considered the ultimate meeting place for those willing to experience the flair, style and grace of the Montreal city. Enjoy the real excitement that the city is known for in the most cosmopolitan and vibrant boulevard.

Buonanotte has successfully maintained its supremacy in its selection of quality wines as well as beverages. The restaurant boasts of its 450 wine choices. The growing wine selection has won the restaurant more than 5 consecutive Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence. Be sure to get the best of Italian wines here. Experience the monthly renewal of the wine list through diverse wine tasting evenings and new release of food menus. Few specialties to count on include home-made pasta, fresh fish recipes, meat cuisines and thin crust pizza.

Da Vinci

Situated in a wonderful Victorian abode in the center of Montreal, Restaurant Da Vinci is one of the recognized Montreal downtown restaurants that serve guests with warm and elegant surroundings. From its outstanding mahogany staircase to its high ceilings and natural fireplaces, Restaurant Da Vince has the right ambiance to welcome guests. Its private salon, appetizing antipasto as well as mouth watering dessert display satisfies your taste buds.

You can find an extensive selection of wines from different regions of Italy. For desserts, you can choose from dark chocolate, amaretto, duo of the iced mousse and some classic Italian sweets. Additionally, the restaurant specialties include lamb shanks, filet mignon, ossobuco, pasta, risotto, veal chop to list a few. | Newsphere by AF themes.