May 30, 2024

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The Most Suitable Body Type Diet That’s Right For You

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Having difficulty in losing weight? Maybe you haven’t found the perfect diet regimen for you. So, in this article I will present a new and innovative weight loss plan that you haven’t tried before and it’s called the body type diet.

This body type diet is introduced by Dr. Elliot Abravanel and he classifies 4 body types and these are the T-Type (thyroid), A-Type (adrenal), P-Type (pituitary) and G-type (gonad). Dr Abravanel explains that the classification is based in typical body build, personality traits and set of food cravings.

For those interested to try this body type diet, the first thing that they should do first is to determine their body type. After this, then it’s time to focus on your body type.

For individuals who fall in the A-type category, they are recommended to drink parsley tea, consume carbohydrates, vegetables, light dairy products and caffeine. The recommended breakfast in this diet includes once cup of plain yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, a cup of whole-grain cereal, skim milk and parsley tea or coffee. For lunch, green salad, vegetables, fruits and parsley tea of coffee are the recommended foods. Dinner will be most enjoyed by the people having the A-type because they will eat chicken, fish, eggs, turkey and some vegetables, along with skim milk.

People who fall in the G-Type category should emphasize light dairy and fruit and they need to avoid creamy and spicy foods. That’s why Dr. Abravanel in his body type diet. Common foods for these individuals include apple, berries, green salad, carrots, vegetables, red clover tea and a slice of whole-grain bread.

T-Types individuals should follow a diet that should focus more on raspberry tea, eggs, poultry and fish. Also, these people should shun away from sweets, starches and caffeine and they should eat three meals in equal amounts of calories.

The last body type is called the P-Type and people in this category should eat a hearty and big breakfast with meat, a moderate lunch and a light supper. They tend to crave dairy products, which they need to avoid and they should focus on carbohydrates and fruits. The recommended tea for these individuals is fenugreek.

Make sure that you study your body first so that you can correctly choose the diet that will fit you perfectly. That’s the secret of any weight loss regimen; you should select one that you know will work for you.

Okay, let us discuss why personality trait is included in the factors that were considered for the body type diet. The biggest factor in losing weight is your commitment and determination to the goal and this is the reason why you should be strict once you start your diet regimen.

Always remember that once you embark on a mission to lose weight, you have to consult your physician because it’s your health that will be affected in the end. You have to ask for proper guidance and if it’s possible, you can present to him or her your weight loss regimen so that you will know his or her reaction. | Newsphere by AF themes.