May 29, 2024

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The Deadly Secret China Doesn’t Want You to Know About Dog Toys

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Take a look at the tags on the toys that your dog regularly munches on. Or, look at the tags on dog toys at the pet store. You may be surprised that not only at chain stores, but also in high-end pet boutiques, the majority of the dog toys are: Made in China.

Why should you be concerned? Consumer Affairs reports that pet toys tested by veterinarians found some toys that contained elevated levels of lead, chromium and cadmium. Chromium is a cancer producing agent, and with dogs putting these products in their mouths, they are at increased risks for health effects. Lead toxicity can also build up over time in a dog’s system and smaller dogs are particularly vulnerable. Veterinarians state that metal toxicity can shorten dogs lives. reported that 45% of the imported pet toys tested with hazardous levels of dangerous toxins. Veterinarians report that these toxins easily come off the toys in the tests, which is bad news for dogs who like to slobber on toys. Even worse is that there is no regulation over this pet toy industry. Laboratories testing these products confirm that it is becoming more and more routine to find toxins on products imported from China. Parents of young children with pets have a right to be concerned as toddlers may put dog toys in their mouths as well.

Experts are advising pet owners to check the labels before purchasing and try to buy Made in the USA toys whenever possible. Your dog’s life and health may depend on it.

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