May 30, 2024

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The Best 10 Tactics for Losing Weight

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I must admit: there are plenty of great methods for losing that weight on the internet and most of them work – for some weeks…

Finding the right strategies that help you not falling back into old habits are not so common. Weight and fat loss make sense only if you have the hot desire to give up your old bad habits forever. And this is not easy at all.

The key to successful weight loss is education. If you are an old body weight fighter, you already know that unfortunately there are no push button solutions, and consistent, life-long changes are needed regarding what you eat and why you put something in your mouth.

Let’s kill a myth in its roots that probably makes many people disappointed and sad first. Dropping that excess fat as fast as possible means a timeline of more months if not a year. Healthy weight and fat loss are going by hand with not hurting your body by another drastic destructive behavior. A goal of two pounds lost per week is reachable and doesn’t burden your system.

In this article, I am compiling a few ways to help you get the most out of your weight loss plan.

  1. Find out whether you want to lose weight by joining an online or offline group comprised of like-minded people who are also interested in losing weight. This is rational if you want to share your story and experiences. However, you can win the battle also alone. What matters is your determination and motivation.
  2. Lose your now ingrained bad habits by listening to a good hypnosis CD. By good I mean programs authored and directed by certified hypnotherapists, who know what, when and how to tell you. They know very well that it’s difficult to change your lifestyle, when you’ve had so many years to practice your bad habits! With the help of hypnosis in the comfort of your home it is easier to adopt new habits and get rid of your old ones.
  3. If you ever hope to lose weight, never starve yourself. Some low-calorie diets claim that they can show you how to lose lots of weight quickly, but their advice is bad. Your body is smarter than these authors and by following their diets, you will most likely gain all back within a short time. This game called yo-yo effect is not your goal. What you need is a weight loss program that is enjoyable and doable at the same time.
  4. Gradually empty your kitchen by not replacing food groups that have a white colour. In order to save money, start with eliminating sugar in all forms, including artificial sweeteners. The next week or so you can banish everything made of white flour (bread, pasta, etc.).
  5. For the first six weeks forget the coffee, and start a revolution regarding salad dressings: use a high-quality oil and vinegar as well as a little sea salt and pepper on your salads. Drink green tea.
  6. You will need to exercise on a daily or weekly basis. The very best solution is if you let your dog walk you.
  7. It may sound surprising that sleeping is a weight loss tip, but your metabolism works more efficient when you get enough sleep. Your sleeping habits are also very important. If you are struggle with snoring, the right medical professionals can help you. The Internet is full of valuable information. Make it your habit to use stress-relief programs (Yoga, EFT, release technique, meditation) during your daily personal out-time. 20 minutes are enough if you stick to this wonderful habit.
  8. Take your vitamins and if needed, you may use a high-quality natural supplement to stop hunger and cravings for the transitional period of 8-10 weeks.
  9. Your best weight loss friend remains the ancient secret: Drop out every drink in your kitchen besides of good old water. Drink at least 8 glasses a day in order to stop dehydration and enhance your bodies’ self-healing capacity by detoxification.
  10. Don’t stop to search the net for new information that fits your individual weight loss needs. Almost every day a new method or tool arises and you can never know which can ease your path to your new thinner you.

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