Testoserone and Libido – 7 Mega Foods For Increased Testosterone Levels

Melinda D. Teston

Here are my top seven super-charging foods guaranteed to enhance your male essence. Incorporate these in your food intake and you will enlarge your muscle, lose extra flab and enhance your sex life. 

1.    Oats

You have doubtless heard the old maxim “sowing your wild oats”. Oats is simply a wonderful food for testosterone production. Serve some up as a breakfast cereal; add some to a smoothie with fruit, or even make some tasty cookies and you will be well on your way to increasing your libido. Oats deliver chemicals that help in the production of testosterone and some surveys reveal that your libido and sex life will perk up dramatically.

2.    Eggs

Eggs are nature’s way of packaging loads of testosterone-building goodies in one handy container.  Eggs are rich in beneficial cholesterol, important for generating good levels of testosterone in your body. They are packed full of more protein than any other food and loaded with testosterone-increasing Zinc. Always have a dozen or so on hand and eat 2 or 3 every day. (unless your under Doctors orders not to).  If you happen to run out of eggs, a chicken breast is a good protein-rich alternative.

3.    Natural Yogurt

Yogurt is a ‘must-have’ testosterone builder since it offers a three-way method of increasing testosterone levels. Yogurt contains three valuable components for building testosterone, namely Fat, Protein and Zinc. Fat is vital for the creation of testosterone in your body while Zinc helps stop testosterone being converted into nasty cooties-carrying oestrogen.

4.    Peanut Butter

Every man likes to have healthy nuts, and peanut butter is chock full of them.  Splash a liberal dob of peanut butter on some wholegrain bread and you will practically feel your testosterone levels rise at once. Peanuts are rich in the good monounsaturated  fats that we require to help increase testosterone. They’re also rich in protein and as an added bonus, you’ll be doing your heart a favor. All nuts are good for you so don’t limit yourself to just peanuts. There is such a range of appetizing nuts available and they are ever so handy to nibble on at any time of day.

5.    Cabbage

I used to hate the stuff when I was a kid but now with more mature tastebuds, and having explored new tasty ways to prepare cabbage, it now rates as one of my favorite veggies. Make up a batch of sauerkraut or simply steam it with some butter and pepper. What’s more, cabbage is pretty inexpensive and a great testosterone boost.

6.    Garlic

Ah, the old favorite. The active ingredient in garlic, allicin, boosts testosterone production. Many people stay clear of garlic because of the odor associated with it but here’s a simple suggestion. After consuming garlic simply munch on some parsley to neutralize that “garlic Breath”. Garlic is best eaten uncooked to preserve the allicin levels.

7.    Avocado

Without doubt my favorite testosterone boosting food. I just love them. In salads, on toast, in a seafood cocktail, you name it this very tasty very versatile testosterone enhancer is my number one choice. Avo’s are rich in vitamins A,B,C,D,E,K, folic acid, potassium and fibre – everything you need to kick start your testosterone gland.

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