May 30, 2024

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Soul Food Mistakes – How to Fix Them

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Soul food, the popular southern cuisine continues to grow in popularity.  With the economy slowing down more people look for ways to save money.  One of the best ways people have found to slash their cost is to cook more meals at home instead of eating out.  Websites with free soul food recipes continue to spring up around the internet to meet the growing demand of peoples need to prepare more meals at home.

With more people cooking meals at home, I’ve found many are making more cooking mistakes. The normal reaction from these mistakes  is to throw the dish out. Now you can avoid wasting money and food by following the tips and ideas to fix any soul food cooking mistakes you make.

By following these tips you’ll not only save more money but you’ll gain more confidence in the kitchen.

Food Too Spicy – If you accidentally dumped a bit too much pepper, hot sauce or chili in your gumbo or soup, what can you do? Have plenty of water to gulp down? Throw it out? Give it to someone you don’t like? Solution: To fix over hot or spicy gumbo add crushed pineapple in the pot. Test adding in ½ cup increments until you reach the right heat range for you taste. Crushed pineapple acts to dilute heat without anyone detecting it. Or try adding a raw sliced and peeled potato, be sure to remove the potato slices before serving.

Food Too Salty – If your soup, stew, sauce or vegetable dish is too salty, throw in a peeled potato (sliced) for 10 to 30 minutes. Pull out potato before serving.

Having these tips available to help clear up any soul food cooking mistakes can help to save you money, frustration and stress in the kitchen. They’ll help to boost your confidence on the stove. Now you can better take advantage of the many free soul food recipes online. | Newsphere by AF themes.