May 30, 2024

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Nutrients Found in Clay Cookware

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Eating healthy very much involves knowing exactly what you eat, which means knowing exactly what’s in your food. However, the knowledge shouldn’t stop here, as knowing what your cookware contains is equally important. This is because during the cooking process, whatever it is in your cookware can very well leach into your food, so you could ingest plenty of toxins without knowing even if you shop for the healthiest foods and produce on the market. It is also the reason why clay cookware has come to the attention of many chefs around the world and many home cooks as well. It is important to note though that these pots and pans must be pure clay and have no glazing whatsoever, as glazing equals additives, which cancels the health benefits of clay cookware altogether.

Nutrients found in clay

So what’s in these clay pots and how is that helpful? Well, if you buy the right type of clay cookware, that is made of 100% pure clay with no additives and no glazing, then all you’ll find that in your pots and pans there is phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Do these sound familiar? Of course, they’re the same nutrients that you can find in most foods. Phosphorus is a macro-mineral and that means the body needs large amounts of it in order to have a steady base. It’s typically found in eggs, dairy products, and fish and it helps build our teeth and bones. It does this in collaboration with calcium, which is another nutrient found in pure clay pots. Potassium is recommended in any healthy diet because it reduces the risks of heart disease and high blood pressure. Last but not least magnesium is necessary to our bodies to keep inflammation markers down and it also helps prevent heart disease.

Clay pots have no toxins

It’s not just that clay cookware contains all these nutrients that are highly beneficial to our health, but since there is no glazing involved and no additives in the clay, you can be sure that your pots and pans are toxin free. Pure clay is harvested not mined and the process of manufacturing the vessels is the traditional pottery wheel, so the process of making the pots results in 100% non-reactive cookware. An inert pot means no toxins or chemicals will ever leach out into your food.

Nutrients preserved by clay cookware

Apart from the fact that pure clay pots and pans have beneficial nutrients to help maintain our health, these healthy cookware vessels also enhance the nutritional advantages of the food you buy and cook by preserving most of their vitamins and minerals. A clay pot starts heating up from the bottom and evenly distributes heat within, which means steam only builds up when the food is half cooked, so there is no need for the steam to be released and evaporated. Due to the fact that steam is kept inside, all the nutrients and vitamins that are water soluble go right back into the food. | Newsphere by AF themes.