How To Roast Chicken Breast In Your La Caja China Roasting Box

We don’t eat chicken solely because it is delicious but also it provides a lot of health benefits. First of all, it is rich in protein which makes it excellent in aiding weight loss. Chicken meat is also a natural anti-depressant; bone loss preventer and metabolism booster when taken in the right amounts. Most of all, chicken is among our children’s favorite food items! There’s just no telling why but kids are just so into them. And do you know what the most nutritious part of a chicken is? The breast! That’s because it’s the least fatty. So for today, I’d like to share with you a quick guide on how to roast chicken breast in your La Caja China. Gather up your ingredients and enjoy cooking!


4 chicken breasts, weighing about 6 ounces each, deboned and skinless

ΒΌ cup extra-virgin olive oil

2 teaspoons garlic or onion powder

2 teaspoons mustard

3 tablespoons dried herbs (oregano, rosemary, thyme or bay leaf)

2 tablespoons vinegar

Kosher salt

Ground black pepper, fresh

Cooking Instructions:

1. Get a large Ziploc bag or anything similar. Pour your vinegar into the bag, followed by your choice of herbs, garlic and onion powder, salt, pepper, your choice of mustard and your extra-virgin olive oil. You can use Dijon or whole-grain mustard, whichever you like. Once the ingredients are in the bag, shake it well to create an evenly distributed mixture.

2. Open your re-sealable bag and put your chicken breasts inside. Seal it again and shake it rigorously to coat your chicken meat perfectly. Place the bag inside the refrigerator to marinate the chicken. Leave it soaked in the marinade overnight (or longer) for best results.

3. When it’s time to cook your chicken breasts, take it out of the fridge and let it thaw under cold water. You can leave your tap running to make thawing even faster. If you’re not into using water for this task, you can thaw it in the microwave as long as your bag is microwave-friendly.

4. While waiting for your meat, go ahead and prepare your La Caja China. Put on the grid and the ash pan on the box. Place your natural charcoals and light them up when your chicken breasts are nearly ready for grilling.

5. After about 20 minutes of setting the coals on fire, they should be all ready. Spread the coals evenly on the grid while making sure that you leave a space at one end. That should be your cool section in case one or two of your chicken breasts nearly burns.

6. Start putting your chicken breasts on the grill one by one and remember not to put the lid on your La Caja China. You should also grill one side of the chicken for only 5 minutes. Afterwards, flip the chicken over on the other side and let it cook again for another 5. Repeat this process until they reach your desired result.

7. Take the chicken breasts out of the grill and let them cool down on a plate. Serve with rice or your choice of side such as corn and carrots; good old steamed broccoli or your favorite salad. Enjoy!

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