Hep and Happening, Bottles & Chimney – Pubs in Hyderabad

What you see – With the boom in the social scene and a considerable increase in purchasing power, the metro finally got what it desperately needed with Bottles ‘n’ Chimney – an exclusive night-club with plush sofas, winding staircase and thumping music.

What you get – The first level of B&C (as it is popularly known) is a quiet lounge, while the ground floor has a lot more life in it. And the bar – bang in the center of the floor – is the obvious hub of activity. There are also two tiny dance floors, one on each level, with the music being played ranging from trance and club music to remixes and Indian theme music.

The club also has a large screen put up mainly for movies and sports. In fact during FIFA, the club was transformed into a football-lover’s paradise. This tradition has continued through all the sporting events that followed. In fact this was the place which set the precedent in terms of starting the pub and cricket obsession in Hyderabad by putting up large screens. B&C also holds various events including concerts, food festivals and beer-guzzling contests, to entertain its guests.

Finally, for the uninitiated, Bottles & Chimney got its name from the surnames of its owners – Sanjay Batla and Sanjay Chimnani. Now how’s that for subliminal self-advertisement?

The verdict – The crowd frequenting this place consists of working professionals in the age group of 25-35. Therefore, apart from good crowd, the assets of B&C are great music, affordability and a decent variety of drinks. However, the club could do with better lighting as it has too many corners plunged in darkness.

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