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Grenada Holidays – A Guide to Dining in Grenada

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The Grenadian cuisine which you can experience once you go on Grenada holidays is always is replete with strong, peppery and aromatic flavors. As a result, the unique flavor had made it possible to produce an array of palatable dishes that will always provide an unforgettable culinary experience to visitors of the island.

The cookery in Grenada, as with the other islands in the Caribbean, has the influence of diverse mix of cultures. And since this region is also popular for the different spices that they grow in their land, the fresh herbs and spices being harvested further enhance the flavors of fresh fish and other sea foods that are caught in their own waters.

Thus, the chefs of the island often create menus that visitors will find hard to resist. There are plenty of dining options in Grenada and this includes:

1. Fine dining

2. Hotels

3. Beachside restaurants

4. Roadside caf├ęs

5. Open-air pubs

6. Bistros

Depending on your preference and budget, the choice is yours when it comes to tasting the exotic cuisine of Grenada.

Nevertheless, there are lots of eating places in Grenada that serve both local and international cuisines. The price of meals in local restaurants usually start from EC$30 per person and drinks can be anywhere from EC$2 to EC$20, price vary according to the type of beverage.

Nearly all the major restaurants accept credit cards, though you can’t expect the same in roadside eateries or market food stalls. Now, for popular restaurants, to make sure that you will have a seat once you arrive there, it is best to call for reservation prior to your planned date of visit.

In any case, by knowing a bit of information about the different restaurants around the island, you are likely to end up with the best restaurant that will satisfy your palate. Shown below are 3 of the finest restaurants that you can visit during your Grenada holiday:

The Nutmeg

This restaurant that sits on Careenage in St. George is a favorite of the locals and tourist alike. The eating place is the oldest of all the Grenada restaurants. The seafood dishes that they serve like garlic shrimps, spicy crab back, lobster thermidor, shrimp roti, and grilled fillet mignon are excellent. There are also sandwiches for snacks or light dinner. Wines and fresh fruit juices often go with the main menu.

Coconut Beach

This is a French Creole restaurant so it is understandable why the place is painted in real West Indian colors. The restaurant is found on the northern tip of Grand Anse, a world renowned coastline.

Wooden tables with sunshades are scattered on the sanded space just outside of the bistro. Since the tables are placed outside, you can actually sink your toes and feel the soft pristine fine sand while you enjoy a sumptuous meal.

You can order your favorite seafood, prepared with a mix of West Indian herbs and spices. Try also the Lambie Calypso and Thazard Salad. For the dessert, the coconut pie is a must.

Dodgy Dock

You must not end your Grenada holidays without ever going to this eating place. The restaurant is extraordinary as well as contemporary. They serve Mexican and Caribbean inspired dishes.

Finally, Dodgy Dock offers themed entertainment assigned on specific days of the week. For instance, every Tuesday, you can enjoy a Grenadian night, Latin dancing and Mexican night on Fridays, a night of endless music every Wednesday, romantic moments on Saturdays, and lastly, brunch with family on Sundays. It opens daily from morning to evening to serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. | Newsphere by AF themes.