Features & Benefits of a Pure-Clay Dutch Oven

Melinda D. Teston

A Dutch oven is a very useful and flexible piece of cookware, you can cook different types of food in it like soups, stews, vegetables, and other slow cooking recipes. When it’s made from pure clay, it can change the taste, color, health and nutritional value of your food for good! Let’s see what special features make a pure-clay Dutch oven uniquely beneficial over its conventional counterparts:

It is Made From A 100% Non-toxic & All-natural Material

Have you heard of a material that is purer than the food grown today? The fruits and vegetables may contain contaminants like chemicals and metals from polluted land in which it is grown but pure clay is 100% non-toxic – tested and certified. It is free from contaminants like lead, arsenic, nickel, cadmium and other metals that can cause havoc in your body if ingested.

It Cooks With Unique Far-infrared Heat That Does Not Destroy Nutrients

While conventional cookware cooks with harsh heat that destroys delicate nutrients like complex carbs, phytonutrients etc., pure clay is the only one that cooks food with gentle far infrared heat that keeps nutrients intact. It is evident from the fact that on accidentally touching a pure clay pot while cooking, your fingers (tissue matter) won’t burn like they do in case of metal/ceramic pots.

It is Naturally Steam Locking Thus Preserving Water Soluble Nutrients

Ever heard of a cookware that locks steam naturally even if the lid is not fit tightly? Pure clay pots have this excellent way of handling steam – the steam release is delayed till the end of the cooking process (because of the gentle heat). When it is finally released it condenses on the inner side of the lid (lid is cooler than the pot) and falls right back into the food! Unlike conventional cookware in which steam pressure gets too much and the steam needs to be released through the vents. As a result, the water-soluble nutrients stay within the food and are there to nourish your body with each meal.

It is Super Flexible – Use on Both Stove-top and In the Oven

A pure clay Dutch oven is comparatively flexible than its metal counterpart. You can use them both on stove-top and in the oven – no need to buy two different pots for different heat sources – saves money! This handmade pot is a workhorse in the kitchen and can be used to cook a number of different recipes – a single pot for all your needs!

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