May 29, 2024

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Buenos Aires Restaurants – An Expat’s View of the Top 7 Places to Eat in BA

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Here are some of the expats favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires. Not in any order.

Lucky Luciano (Italian) at 3943 in Palermo near the Zoo and Jardin Botanico is great. Big wine list, American and Argentina mafia memorabilia throughout.

Dragones and Siphones (eclectic) in Belgrano which has an incredible and ever-changing menu. Fantastic chef and funny place (although tiny so you ‘ll need to book a reservation). Was Phillipe Starck’s favorite restaurant when he was here overseeing the building of the famous Faena Hotel.

In San Telmo there are quite a few. We like Los Loros (nouveau Argentinian style )which feels like a Parisian petite brasserie. Nice wine selection and some seriously professional equipment for keeping it at the correct temperature. Creative dishes and delicious homemade lemonade. Amici Miel (italian) is also in San Telmo, respectable wine list, great location and balcony right near Plaza Dorrego.

Sarkis (Armentian) is a wonderful find in Palermo. It’s usually full of people as they don’t book reservations. They have dozens of delicious appetizers and the customers tend more towards locals-in-the-know than tourists. There is a woman who will tell your future by reading the left over coffee (sediment) in your coffee cup. Quite a funny experience.

Xalapia (Mexican) is probably the best of the authentic Mexican style restaurants we’ve found. Not sure about the wine as this is more of a beer or Margarita type place. Reminds me of some of the restaurants in Austin Texas. Cielto Lindo is also a good second choice around the corner. | Newsphere by AF themes.