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Brief History Of Robot Coupe

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When the French catering company employee Pierre Verdun realized that his clients spent a great deal of time preparing vegetables he designed the first basic food processor. It was a very basic model and was not much more than a bowl with a blade in the bottom that moved to agitate the ingredients. This was the beginning of the company known in the United States as Robot Coupe USA Inc.

There is not a great deal of difference between mixers and food processors with the main difference being the blades. On a mixer they are fixed while those on a food processor can be removed. Different blades will allow different types of chopping and preparation. A blade will do the job a whisk cannot and different types of blades will allow goods to be cut and chopped differently.

By 1960 the company Robot Coupe had been set up and began manufacturing them for the catering industry. Although a better model was available by the late 1960s it was 1972 before a version was made for use in the home.

There are a number of different products available including vegetable prep machines, bowl cutter mixer, power mixers and automatic juicers. The designs are easy to understand but if the components are not put together properly the desired effect will not be achieved. For a mixer plastic bowl is placed around the shaft and the blades are than attached to the shaft. For cutting they will be placed at the bottom, for slicing they will be nearer the top. The feed tube is the last part to be added, and it is through this that the ingredients are added.

The machine has a number of speeds and these can be changed during the process. For different sized establishments there are machines to suit. Machines are designed specifically for different foods so there are many different types. Some can be used for a few items, such as various vegetables but separate ones would be needed for ice creams and sorbets.

These mixers are top of the range equipment and will perform to the highest standards regardless of for catering or home use. Solid ingredients can be turned into fairly chunky meals such as soups or by changing to the whisk, mayonnaise or ‘fromage frais’ can be made. By 1974 there was the Magimix and this was the start of houses having easily affordable equipment that made cooking much easier for people cooking at home. The 1960s and 1970’s were the era’s where the dinner party became most popular and as products such as the hostess trolley were developed it made sense that advances in the kitchen would be made.

By 1992 the company developed a scientific arm. This allowed laboratory workers to mix their ingredients with the same level of ease that kitchen staff could. This made it easier to when working with items as diverse as tablets or cosmetics.

Robot Coupe has won awards including the USDA National Peanut Research Laboratory for purchase point afla-toxin analysis. They are recognized as leader in both research and technology. | Newsphere by AF themes.