Advice in Cleaning Up Spilled Cereal on the Carpet

A healthy start to the day is very important so that you can have enough energy for the tasks in front of you. Eating cereal is certainly one of the best meals that you can start your day with. It is really delicious and healthy and will definitely fill you up. It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber which will energize your body.

But sometimes there are situations when you are clumsy while eating breakfast and you accidentally spill the bowl full of cereal and milk on your beautiful carpet. This is not something that you want to see on your carpet which is why when it happens you need to clean it up right away.

If you are facing this issue on your carpet at home, check out the simple tips below to handle this situation properly.

• The first thing that you need to focus on is to clear all of the spilled cereal and milk that is on your carpet. Use a spoon to carefully pick up the solid food particles and then get a clean sponge to absorb the liquid particles. Continue to do this until you have removed as much of it as you can.

• After you have cleared the spilled cereal and milk on your carpet, the next thing that you need to do is to prepare a cleaning solution that you will be using on the affected area of the carpet. A mixture of one part white vinegar with four parts of warm water will work great in removing the stain which is left behind on your carpet.

• Take the cleaning solution that you have prepared and apply a few drops of it on the stained area of the carpet. Let it set there for a few minutes and then get a clean white cloth and begin blotting the area. You will see that the stain on your carpet will become lighter as you continue blotting. This is good news as it means that the procedure is working. Continue doing it until all of the stain is gone.

• Removing the stain completely will not be the last thing that you will need to do. You still have to remove any possible residue which could get left behind on your carpet. Pour a glass of water on the area where the cereal and milk was spilled and then get a clean towel and dry everything thoroughly.

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