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A Few Great Dinner Restaurants In Paramount California

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If looking for a nice restaurant with an intimate atmosphere, the best choice in Paramount for dinner would be Café Corleone on Paramount Boulevard. Café Corleone serves up some of the most authentic, home-cooked style Italian dishes in a welcoming, yet intimate setting. The servers and friendly and knowledgeable and the quality of their food is well-known in the Southern California area. Some of the most popular dishes at Café Corleone include Chicken Alla Grilla, Linguini Calamari, Chicken Cacciatore and the Godfather Special sandwich. Dinner is always served with complimentary bread and olive oil.

For the vegetarian there a number of Thai restaurants that have lots of great vegetable and rice dishes. These include Thai Curry on Paramount Boulevard and Thai Smile and Treasure Pot Thai, both on Alondra Boulevard. All of these offer quality Thai at affordable prices with casual dining atmospheres. Sushi enthusiasts should be sure to check out Japanese Castle on Paramount Boulevard. This restaurant offers over 90 different sushi rolls as well as chicken teriyaki and tempura selections. The local favorites at Japanese Castle include the Bryan Roll, Tsunami Roll and the Vegas Roll.

For a family dinner one of the most popular restaurants in Paramount is Rosewoods Restaurant. Rosewoods, which might remind you of a typical American diner, has been family owned and operated for 15 years and provides great, family friendly service, a menu with lots of choices for diners of any age, a full bar and great prices. Norms Restaurant on Lakewood Boulevard in Bellflower is another great family-friendly diner that has something for everyone at great prices. Best of all Norm’s is open 24 hours a day. Back in Paramount, another great place for families to have a fun and enjoyable dinner is at Shakey’s Pizza. This clean pizza parlor has games for kids and even hosts birthday parties on occasion.

Alondra Hot Wings on Alondra Boulevard is the spot in Paramount for watching sports while enjoying a great meal. They offer a selection of different sweet or hot sauces, sandwiches, beer specials and a friendly staff and fun atmosphere. Many locals claim Alonda Hot Wings has the hottest sauces around. Some of the favorite menu items here, aside from the remarkable wings, include their pizzas, philly cheesesteak sandwich and the Manhattan chicken sandwich.

There are several restaurants in Paramount that offer authentic traditional Mexican meals. These include Casa Gamino and Tacos Giyo, both on Alondra Boulevard, and Picoso! Mexican Grill and Mi Lindo Sinaloa, which are both on Rosecrans Avenue. All of these restaurants offer high quality, very authentic Mexican dishes from tacos and enchiladas to ceviche and other seafood specialities. Mi Lindo Sinaloa is probably the best bet for authentic Mexican seafood dishes while Tacos Giyo is best for tacos and burritos and late night snack fixes.

Another choice for worldly cuisine is Toko Rame Indonesian Restaurant located on Bellflower Boulevard in neighboring Bellflower. This family owned and operated restaurant offers authentic Indonesian food with friendly service and affordable prices. Some of the most popular dishes here include Nasi Bungkus, Lontong with Beef Rendag, Spicy Tofu and the Coconut Soup. TheWaikiki Hawaiian Grill, on Paramount Boulevard, offers an wide variety of authentic Hawaiian dishes. Some of the most popular menu choices here include bbq dishes, laulau, Spam Musubi, macaroni salad, house noodles and chicken katsu.

Fronk’s Restaurant is just a few minutes outside of Paramount in Bellflower and is quite worth stepping over the city lines. Fronk’s features traditional American cuisine as well as some original dishes as well. Some of the favorite menu items here at Fronk’s Restaurant include Beer Battered Corn on the Cob, the Fronkenburger, Bacon Cheddar Smothered Fries and the Pulled Pork and Half Rib Rack combo. This is definitely a must eat if staying in or around Paramount. It can get quite crowded on a Friday or Saturday night, but the food is definitely worth the wait. | Newsphere by AF themes.