5 Foods That Help In Making Your Boobs Bigger

Melinda D. Teston

Based on feedback from different women I have compiled a list of foods that are suggested to make you boobs look bigger.

Foods To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

  • Peanut butter is a food ingredient made from refined roasted peanuts, which largely grows in United Kingdom, Netherlands and Philippines. The ingredient is practically used as a sandwich spread. Some peanut butter products are made from butternuts combined with fruit jelly flavors. The butternut is said to contain levels of reservatol, which is a health-aiding agent. Peanut butter contains the essential nutrients such as vitamins B and E, arginine, dietary fibers, p-coumaric acid, magnesium and protein. The “National Peanut Butter Day” is celebrated in the US every 24th of January.
  • The Papaya juice is the most preferred drink that helps in enhancing the growth of breasts. The juice contains a distinctive nutrient called “Enzyme Papain” which is essential in aiding the body’s normal digestion. The ripened papaya fruit prevents constipation and other excretory illnesses. Based from a research conducted by the Larco Museum Collection, the papaya juice creates an anti-proliferative effect on cancer cells due to its lycopene ingredient. The lycopene is crucial in stimulating the immune system. The papaya seeds that are usually mixed upon preparing the juice contain nephroprotective nutrients that cleanse the toxic chemicals away from the body.
  • Breakfast cereals are an easy-to-prepare breast enhancement food that is often consumed with fresh fruits or milk. The cereals are made from processed wheat grains. Also famously referred to as “Oatmeal”, some companies such as Kellog’s are promoting their line of breakfast cereal products for beneficial health purposes. Breakfast cereals are enriched with high-fiber levels and vitamins. The cereal industry in North America and Europe has a current gross profit of 40 – 45%, which is believed to be highest gross percentage in history. Hot cereals or simply known as “Porridges” are made of boiled cereal grains mixed with sweetened ingredients such as sugar or maple syrup.
  • Cheese is the most dominant milk-based product in the world. There are hundreds of cheese products that are produced daily. The cheese is made from curdled milk acids mixed with lemon juice or vinegar and is usually acidified to lessen the bacteria levels. Aside from regulating the growth of breasts, cheese also helps in protecting the tooth enamel, increases the unnecessary flow of saliva and cleanses away the high levels of sugar and acid from the body. According to the US Center of Science and Public Interest, the cheese is the top source of unsaturated fat in America and its neighboring countries.
  • The Cauliflower is a “Brassica Oleracea” vegetable that is predominantly classified as a highly modified plant since the Ancient years. The cauliflower plant was originally introduced in France and Genoa during the 16th century. Cauliflower is rich in folate, dietary fibers and vitamin C levels, making it one of the recommended foods that reduce risks of breast cancer. The vegetable also contains the essential phytochemicals and sulforaphane which benefits the human health. Cauliflower is the main source of a DNA-based chemical called “Indole-3-Carbinol” which is very significant in blocking the growth of cancer cells.
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