May 29, 2024

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What Can You Have For Breakfast On Medifast?

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I sometimes hear from folks who aren’t sure what you are supposed to eat for breakfast when you are on the Medifast diet. So, in the following article, I will go over some basic options that will hopefully give you some ideas to provide a place to start.

Know That Many Breakfasts Are Provided For You: Please bear with me if you are already aware of this, but when you are on this diet, you’re supposed to eat five of the meals that they provide you with on a daily basis. In addition, you prepare only one main meal yourself, which is called the “lean and green” meal. On top of all of this, you are allowed two small snacks.

So, you have a couple of options at breakfast time. You can go with one of the prepackaged meals. And if you have a busy morning, this can be the easiest option because you don’t need to plan or cook. You can chose from eggs, pancakes, cold cereal, oatmeal, a shake, or a bar, to name just a few options. These are all items that you are provided with which you only need to assemble or basically heat up or add milk or water. It literally should only take a few minutes to assemble your breakfast and be on your way.

Ideas For A Medifast Lean And Green Breakfast: I will admit that many people eat their main “lean and green” meal for dinner. This is generally the time of the day when most of us are home from work and actually have the time to prepare a meal. And many like to share that meal with their family. So, it can make sense to eat a larger meal in the evening.

But some will chose to take this main meal at breakfast. Whatever time you chose this meal, know that it should be made up of a small serving of lean protein and three servings of vegetables. So if you are going to have this meal for breakfast, a no brainer option would be an omelet. The eggs provide the lean protein and you can easily add whichever vegetables appeal to you. Another idea is to have turkey bacon as your protein and add in some vegetables on the side. You can also make a mock egg or turkey bacon breakfast sandwich by wrapping an egg or a slice of turkey bacon or cheese into a piece of lettuce used like bread. Add in two more vegetables that may appeal to you and you have a nice meal.

One other options is to use one of the prepackaged items as a convenience ingredient in order to make your lean and green preparation easier. Remember that omelet I talked about before? Well, you can take one of those prepackaged eggs and add some bagged veggies to it. Another idea that I really love is to take the Medifast eggs and mix them with the chili or sloppy joe and use lettuce to hold it like a southwestern wrap. Since the sloppy joe and chili are vegetarian meals, this complies with that protein and vegetable requirement and you can throw the whole thing together in only a few minutes without needing to mess up your kitchen or stove. | Newsphere by AF themes.