Vitamins, Minerals, and Why You Need To Eat 50 Peaches Every Day

Melinda D. Teston

Once Upon a Time . . .

Most of our food came from the earth and our diets consisted primarily of
fresh fruits and vegetables. Then things began to change . . .

Some scientific studies indicate that you would need to eat almost 10 oranges in order to provide the same level of vitamin A that our grandparents got from eating just 1 orange! Fruit is not what it used to be.

In 1952 two peaches supplied the Daily Value of Vitamin A. Today, you would have to eat almost 53 Peaches to meet the Recommended Daily Value. YES, that is “Daily Value”. Can you imagine eating 53 peaches every day? For one thing, you would spend the next entire day in the bathroom. Do you know of anyone who has ever tried to eat more than 50 peaches in one day??

A Peach is not a Peach

We have became a processed food nation. Our diets are based on convenience, not nutrition. It does not even matter if you are buying “organic” produce from your local health food market. Modern farming and storage techniques have reduced the nutritional value of many fruits and vegetables.

– More than 75% of Americans are not consuming the recommended 5 to 13 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

– The medical community now recommends a multivitamin/mineral (JAMA 2002)

But when you go to the store, there are so many bottles and brands of vitamins. They all claim to be the best right? They all claim to have the complete source of vitamins and minerals for you. Some of them even say that they have 400% of your needed this and 500% of your needed that and 1200% of your needed xyz. (Is that even safe?)

So which one do you buy for your family?

The Answer: none of them!

First Generation Technology

– Chemically derived synthetic vitamins

– Mineral salts (non-food form, rocks)

– No additional nutrients or phytochemicals

– Inexpensive and easy to manufacture

– Makes up the biggest % of the market

Second Generation Technology

– Exotic Plant or Fruit Products

– Popular Juice products

– Limited or no significant vitamin/mineral content

But now in the 21st Century we have an exciting alternative!

All All-natural Vitamins complex in a health natural Vitamins complex in a health
benefiting real-food form.

Plant-sourced minerals derived from Brassica Juncea sprouts grown in patented hydroponics solution and red algae.

This has never been done before! Wouldn’t you want the best vitamin/mineral for your family?

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