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Typical Dish of Honduras – Ceviche

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Honduras is known for their exquisite cuisine and absolutely fantastic flavors. One of the typical dishes of Honduras is ceviche. If you are not familiar with ceviche, you may be asking yourself exactly what is in this dish, well, in this article we will outline just that. First and foremost, ceviche is a very typical dish of Honduras and is very popular in this poor country. Ceviche is, in a nutshell, a marinated seafood appetizer which is very popular among the Latin American countries, like Honduras and Mexico.

There are many different ways to serve this typical dish of Honduras, ceviche. In Peru, it is served with slices of cold sweet potatoes or corn-on-the-cob. In Ecuador, it is accompanied by popcorn, nuts, or corn nuts. It is also been known to be served in a large bowl and guests can spread it on with toothpicks.

Traditionally, ceviche is marinated up to three hours, which brings out all of the citric flavors and gives the seafood a nice bite – nowadays people have cut the marinating time down to a very short while. With the appropriate fish, the marinating time does not matter for you can almost marinate the fish by the time you are done cooking up the rest of your meal.

You may still be puzzled on what ceviche is and if you want to make this typical dish of Honduras, then you need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Basically, ceviche is seafood marinated in a citrus-based mixture, including lemons and limes. This will add a whole lot of flavor to the fish and the citric acids of the lemons and limes will cause proteins in the seafood, which will make it denatured. This process will pickle or ‘cook’ the fish without using any heat what-so-ever.

This fantastic and great appetizer was first created by fishermen of the American coast, but has been adopted by many different cultures and countries and is now a typical dish of Honduras. There are varieties of ways you can prepare ceviche and all of the ways are very tasteful and great. The most traditional way is to marinade for three hours chunks of raw fish in lime, lemon juice, orange and a sliced onion.

It does not matter which way you are going to serve your ceviche or how you prepare it, you are definitely in for a treat when you make this special dish and serve it to your family.

Now, if you would like to include ceviche in your menu, you have to get some Honduran recipes. You can find the recipe for ceviche here:
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