May 30, 2024

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The Lactagen Program – Why Should I Try Lactagen?

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Congratulations – so you’re lactose intolerant!
You’re way too familiar with the bathroom, you’ve said “I’ll pass” on that fantastic New York cheesecake one too many times, and you’ve tried popping the lactase pills but your symptoms keep coming back. Maybe by now you’d be interested in broadening your horizon and checking out something new.

Not surprisingly, thousands of the 30 million or so other Americans who suffer from lactose intolerance feel the same way – and one thing they’re starting to agree on is Lactagen. You might have heard about this program before, or maybe not. So what exactly is Lactagen? What is it supposed to do? Why should you bother trying it over every other lactose-intolerance solution claim out there? Here’s an article that will try to answer some of the questions you may have, helping you to make inform decisions about the products you buy.

What is lactose intolerance?
Odds are you probably already understand what this is about. But as a brief refresher, lactose intolerance occurs when your body is unable to break down the dairy products you consume, specifically the resident sugar called lactose. This happens with there’s not enough of the helpful enzyme lactase. As a result your body just can’t digest the dairy products, leading to all those (eek!) symptoms that you know all too well, like cramping and gas.

So what can Lactagen do for me?
Lactagen is based on the use of a proprietary mixture of naturally occurring sugars and minerals. It’s not a temporary supplement or a daily capsule. It’s a 38-day, one time program after which time your body will be capable of breaking down and digesting dairy independently. The blend of sugars and minerals is dissolved into water and taken with specific meals throughout the 38 day period. The carefully formulated program works with your body, helping it to recondition without discomfort, inconvenience or pain. Once the 38 days are complete, your body has been “retrained” to handle dairy products for the rest of your life, no further supplements are required.

How does Lactagen work?
Time to get a little into the nitty-gritty science. Remember how lactose intolerance is when you’re body is unable to digest dairy products? What this means in more detail is that when the lactase sugar travels to your large intestine, a helpful bacteria called microflora is supposed to break it down so your body can use it. But when you’re lactose intolerant, the microflora doesn’t do its job.

This is where Lactagen steps in. Using its formula of natural minerals and sugars, the program allows you to gradually recondition your body and reverse the damage done. The proprietary blend is taken is dissolved in water and taken with specific meals throughout the 38 day period, separated into three distinct phases. First, Lactagen alleviates the irritation already in your body from your lactose intolerance struggles. Next, it begins to slowly recondition your large intestine to handle undigested lactose – kind of like taking the microflora back to training school. Lastly, the Lactagen Program’s aim is to gradually work dairy products back into your diet. Every step of the process is designed to happen comfortably and without any flare-ups of symptoms to cause you pain.

But does it REALLY work?
After extensive development and documented research, Lactagen seems to have a lot of evidence available to answer this question. Over ten years ago, Lactagen began testing with small groups and individuals under medical supervision. Once it was deemed safe and successful with no side effects, Lactagen released to the public. Since that time the thousands of people that have gone through the program can also attest to their positive experiences with the product.

After this, in order to attain unquestionable proof to offer to the medical community, Lactagen commissioned a leading research medical team to perform a clinic study. The double-blind placebo trial did indeed show that if trying to significantly decrease the symptom’s of lactose intolerance, Lactagen could perform.

Bottom Line
You might be skeptical, and I don’t blame you. After years of managing your condition it probably sounds a bit unreal that a solution like Lactagen could be possible. It’s not going to be a perfect 100% cure all, and nothing obviously ever will be But with Lactagen’s extensive research studies and enormous amounts of positive feedback from former sufferers of lactose intolerance… it definitely seems like an option you wouldn’t want to miss. | Newsphere by AF themes.