May 30, 2024

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The Bacterial Vaginosis Elimination Diet

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The key to successful bacterial vaginosis elimination includes a diet meant to heal. The body cannot stand imbalance. When your immune system is compromised your body becomes imbalanced and allows bad bacteria to thrive. Creating a diet that allows your immune system to heal and return to normal will kill off the bacterial vaginosis and quickly restore your body back to its normal function.

For one weekend try detoxing your body. When you eliminate certain foods from your diet you body begins to expel the toxins and the bacteria dies. This is because the bacteria now have nothing to feed off. The only downside of a quick elimination or detox is the initial mood swings and decrease of energy.

So what do you choose to eliminate from your diet? Well everyone must listen to their body to know how it reacts. Some people can tolerate certain ingredients better than others. You’ve got to gauge what is right for you and whether to slowly eliminate certain foods or go cold turkey and just give it up.

Sugar is not our Friend! Bacterial Vaginosis enjoys a good sugary dish and it could live on sugar all year long. Stop eating sugar and see how fast the party is over. When you eat sugar it goes into your blood stream and metabolizes. It basically depresses your immune system by taking other nutrients you need to help it metabolize faster.

You can be sure the bacteria is feeding off of that sugar, all the while multiplying and making you feel worse.

The major foods you should avoid are
o Syrups
o Refined carbs
o Canned fruit
o And the sugary breakfast cereals

Sugar cravings from withdrawal will have some of us running away from an elimination diet and right back in the arms of our sugary substances. If this happens to you try decreasing these foods in moderation until your body becomes use to living without it.

Also keep in mind, a drastic change to any diet will bring about changes to your body including tiredness, headaches even dry mouth. Take in lots of fluids, preferably water to cleanse your body and clear out toxins. Your bacterial vaginosis will be eliminated before you know it. | Newsphere by AF themes.