May 30, 2024

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Sazio on the Avenue

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I have always enjoyed living in South Florida. I feel the warmth hugging me from morning until night. Untouched by serious storms in recent years, it has been blessed.
The beaches, outdoor activities and weather are so inviting. The travel and moving industry has picked up quite a bit with a great many new homes and apartment developments in progress. Downtown Delray they have built a new marketplace with fast food sections of all kinds. Talk is they are building a mall and several new office buildings.

I always favored Palm Beach, The shops have all reopened and living here during this pandemic has gotten a renewed breather.
Delray Beach is one of the places I spend most of my time. It kind of has the flavor of New Orleans and music can be heard from the-shops and restaurants, even the candy store. We sometimes find ourselves dancing in the streets.

A good friend of mine, a realtor, is working overtime, rumor is Northerners, Californians, and many from the mid-west, are moving here at record speeds.
When dinning in Delray, especially on holidays and events, it is the place you want to be. Filled with characters of all kind, at any given time, the streets have happy and colorful people dancing or walking by.
Dinning at Sazio’s we watched the parade of people from a table by the window. We could see the passerby’s staring at the big salads and other Italian dishes being enjoyed by the families & couples dinning near us. One of the little girls held by her mom almost fell as she twisted to look one of the pizzas just being presented.

The chefs of Delray, Sazio are known as creative artists.
Chef Monica prepared our favorite mouth watering dish, steak salad. Though all cooks at Sazio are good, it is always a pleasure dinning there when Monica is in the kitchen. As the waiter brought cocktail’s to dinners sitting outside, a line began to form by the hostess and we were glad we got there early enough to get our table.
Once again many flocked to the main street restaurants. People from everywhere look forward to vacationing in our great state. I could see the heavy flow of traffic building on our highways. The storage company I use told me they, as well as many others, are fully rented.

I had tried to get some moving men the month before for some furniture I was purchasing from a neighbor and they were all so busy I had to wait over two weeks.
Before we knew it the our waiter was walking toward us. We quickly moved our beverages out of the way as he placed our dishes in front of us.
The juicy steak and portobello mushrooms stood out along the outside of the salad, with red pimento, cheeses and various greens, it called to us. Quickly we poured our lime & balsamic dressings and dug in. The various tastes danced around my mouth. I can honestly say I am always happy when my date chooses Sazio in Delray. The couple at the table across the way was talking about the salt wash in the ladies room and how her hands felt so soft. I leaned over to see the big dishes the waitress had left at their table, they were mouth watering and as much as I truly enjoyed our dishesI quickly reminded my date how nice it was.
“Maybe we could order those dishes,”
I quietly whispered nodding toward nearby table
“next time.”
Delray dinning, especially in restaurants like Sazio, are rarely disappointing, thats for sure. And you can get here by car, bus, train, even trolley. | Newsphere by AF themes.