May 30, 2024

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Nigerian Foods: My List of Popular Foods Eaten in Nigeria

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This is all about Nigerian foods, I want to make a list of the very few popular foods eaten in Nigeria, my list is based upon my own personal experience as a Nigerian. I have been in Nigeria for a very long time, I was born in Nigerian and while growing up and seeking for greener pasture I have been able to travel and live in almost all parts of the country so I think I know so much about foods in Nigeria and how to make them.

If you are dating or married to a Nigerian person and desires quick update on foods eaten in Nigeria or perhaps you are looking to surprise your man with a special treat this article might be of little help. Even though I may not offer you in-depth guide to making any of the recipes listed below, I will point you in the right direction.

This page would be comprehensively about popular Nigerian foods.

The first on my list would be jollof rice, I choose this food because not only can you prepare it from any location of the world it is also very easy to prepare. The ingredients for making jollof rice is very easy to find no matter where you live in the world. The basic ingredients include tomatoes, rice and any edible meat or fish of choice, these are the basic ingredient so it is indeed one of the easiest and most popular Nigerian recipe.

There are also other rice recipes that would probably make the list of Nigerian popular foods, in Nigeria we boil rice and eat with tomato stew. There are of course many stew recipes in Nigerian but we are not going to get to that. The most popular stew in Nigeria is made with tomatoes and more than fifty percent of people in Nigeria eat rice and stew for lunch on Sundays, it is like a tradition that has come to stay.

Another popular Nigerian food is eba which is made of cassava and could be served with any Nigerian soup. Eba is never served alone likewise fufu which is a very close substitute. While I was growing up in the village I remember eating either fufu or eba as dinner for almost all the days of the week. Like I said, eba is never served alone so I am going to talk about few soup recipes in Nigerian as the fourth on my list of Nigerian popular recipes.

OK, at this point I am going to ask you what you know about Nigerian foods, have you heard of egusi soup which happens to be the most popular Nigerian soup recipe? There are over five different recipes for egusi soup in Nigeria, every Nigerian tribe have a peculiar way of preparing egusi soup, hence the reason it is widely eaten.

Another popular food in Nigeria would be yam, we have yam porridge – my favorite and different other recipes for yam. We cook yam pepper soup and also cook white yam and serve with stew/sauce. Yam sauce is made with tomatoes and a few other ingredients so it is more likely that you can also try this recipe with ease if you are living outside Nigeria.

Apart from the two different recipes for yam above we also have pounded yam, which is just a process whereby we pound cooked white yam and eat with soup, any kind of Nigerian soup would do.

We also eat beans in Nigeria which could be made in myriad of recipes, I wrote a comprehensive article recently about all the different recipes for beans in Nigeria on my very popular Nigerian food website (you will find the link below), I listed the very two popular recipes made by two major Nigerian tribes, we have beans porridge and another recipe that is made and eaten with stew.

There are so many other foods in Nigeria, we are surely going to get to them all in a short while, thanks for reading. | Newsphere by AF themes.