May 30, 2024

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Is It True That Women Who Skip Breakfast Are More Likely To Conceive A Girl?

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I recently heard from a woman who was trying to get pregnant and who desperately wanted a girl baby. She had read that women who eat breakfast are more likely to have boy babies. She wanted to know if this information was true and, if it was, did this mean that she should skip breakfast to increase her odds of getting a daughter? I will tell you my opinion on this in the following article.

There Is One Small Study Which Indicated Breakfast Foods (Like Cereal) Made Boy Babies Slightly More Likely: She had likely read an article on the recent British study which seemed to indicate that women who took in more calories and ate breakfast cereal had a slightly higher chance of conceiving a boy. With this said though, this was somewhat of a small study. There were only 740 participants in the study and the ratio of boys to girls wasn’t all that significant. Specifically, 56% of the women had boys and 45% had girls. Boys were slightly more likely for women who consumed more calories and ate more breakfast cereals. But again, the statistics weren’t all that staggering here, at least in my opinion.

So, Should You Skip Breakfast If You Want A Girl Baby Or Eat A Big Breakfast If You Want A Boy?: Well, it probably wouldn’t hurt to incorporate cereals in your diet if you are trying for a boy, but I wouldn’t advocate ever skipping breakfast if you are trying to get pregnant. And the additional calories could well have been the most important variable in the women who were more likely to conceive boys. There wasn’t a proven correlation, at least in my opinion, with skipping breakfast.

It’s said that if you want a boy, it’s wise to eat a diet rich in alkaline foods. And, it may be important to mention here that some cereals are made up of grains like rice and oats that trend toward alkaline. These non acidic foods are favorable to the Y or boy producing sperm chromosomes.

But, if you want a girl, where does this leave you? Well, you could more certainly eat a breakfast made up of acidic foods instead. Being acidic is more favorable to the X or girl producing sperm. Eggs are acidic and could be a nice choice. Coffee, blueberries, and toast are possibilities also. So, my suggestion would be not to skip breakfast if you want a daughter, but to choose a breakfast that is acidic instead of alkaline.

Diet And Breakfast Is Not The Only Variable To Consider When It Comes To Baby Gender: While it appears that being conscious of your breakfast and calorie intake may be one thing that you want to think about when it comes to your baby’s gender, it’s certainly not the only thing. While your acidity and PH can influence whether you have a boy or a girl, so too does your timing and the sexual positions that you use during conception. Early timing would favor a daughter and late timing would favor a son.

In short, there are at least three variables to consider when trying to make sure that you conceive either a girl or a boy baby. Breakfast is only one of them. | Newsphere by AF themes.