May 30, 2024

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Grocery Shopping in a Low Carb Weight Loss State of Mind

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Once you have made the commitment to a low carb weight loss program, chances are that you have followed the most relevant diet suggestions, cleaned out you pantry and refrigerator of all those nasty foods that might entice you back to the old ways. When you are done with this process there will come a moment when you realize that its time to begin grocery shopping for replacement foods and beverages. To be successful you must go grocery shopping in a low carb weight loss state of mind. That entails a firm understanding of the foods and beverages that compliment your diet, menus that will encourage compliance with great taste and presentation and view of your grocery store isles from a new perspective.

There are many books and DVDs available that address the first two points. In fact, you will find a wonderful array of menus that rival the best restaurants you like to visit. Plus, what’s not to like about beef, chicken and seafood, right? So go out and buy yourself one of the many recipe books. It will be fun and extremely useful. Just keep in mind that each phase of your program may limit either certain foods or the quantity of intake, so re-read a few chapters of your diet book if you must, to make sure that you comply with each phase. Also, educate yourself regarding acceptable alternatives to unacceptable foods. You will find that an experience low carber will have amassed a very large trove of replacement foods and cooking methods. A great example is the transformation of spaghetti squash into mashed potatoes. Delicious and looks exactly the same. Don’t forget the butter, right!

Now, for the trip to the grocery store, we must plan in advance. Choose your menus for the week, detail the ingredients needed and be clear about you commitment not to impulse buy. Having a list is like having a GPS on a trip, the list will tell you where you must go in the grocery store, what to products to choose and when its time to leave. It also will get you into the right state of mind. Upon reviewing your menus and list of foods, you will come to realize that this week is going to be filled with dining adventures. Dinners without bread but with lots of beef and butter! Breakfasts minus your favorite boxed cereal but the eggs and bacon look great.

You are starting to feel good about this already. Maybe you can really do this. Not only can you do this, but you are going to be eating quite well.

How’s your state of mind now?

OK, we are off to the grocery store. This trip is different than all the rest. Gone are the compulsory visits to the bread isle. Also gone are the frequent opening and closing of the refrigerated doors of the packaged frozen food section. But, hello fresh vegetable department, how do you do beef, chicken and pork sections and watch out dairy foods.

Look at the store differently now. Stay to the outer periphery of the building. You will find that most of the fresh foods, generally acceptable for a low carb weight loss program, are in these sections. Walking into the core isles of the store should heighten your resistance genes for there lays temptation, deceit, and just plain “junk” actually. I say deceit because in these areas low fat, low carb, and sugar free do not necessarily match your definition of the terms. Read each label thoroughly and you will quickly see what I mean.

Take advantage of the ‘pre-prepared’ areas of the grocery store which are becoming so popular today, but do not be enticed by looks and smell alone. Many of these areas are manned by actual Chefs. Take the time to engage in conversation. Become informed as to the ingredients used in each dish that interests you. Make sure that they are in compliance with your diet. If so, they are an excellent, ready to go meal for very busy low carbers.

Grocery shopping in a low carb weight loss state of mind is not very complicated and can be very enjoyable. This is especially true when you do so in that new red number that just happens to be 3 sizes smaller than the last time you shopped for bread. | Newsphere by AF themes.