May 29, 2024

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Best Hungarian Restaurants in Budapest

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Most people visiting a country like trying its cuisine. Telling you the truth, authentic Hungarian dishes are definitely not for people on a diet. These dishes are a bit too heavy and fatty, however, their rich flavor and texture compensate you for the slightly excessive calorie intake. By using modern cooking methods Hungarian cuisine can be healthier, low in calories, but still rich in vitamins while preserving authentic Hungarian flavors. If you want to taste the real Hungarian cuisine, I highly recommend you check any of these places out.

21 Restaurant
21 Fortuna utca, H-1014 Budapest

21 Restaurant is located in the narrow Fortuna Street in the Buda Castle. They offer traditional Hungarian cuisine with a modern bistro feeling. Their philosophy: “Hungarian cuisine as it was in good old days, but updated to the 21st century”. In the light of this slogan all the ingredients keep the essence of classic Hungarian gastronomy but without feeling too much overwhelmed and heavy, so these dishes are not so fatty and are much lighter than Hungarian food used to be. After a pleasant lunch or dinner in the restaurant you can walk around and enjoy the beautiful surrounding of the Buda Castle.

Náncsi Néni
80 Ördögárok utca, H-1029 Budapest

Náncsi Néni is like an old farmhouse decorated with wood panels and paintings in a calm, wealthy suburb among the hills of Buda. Even if it is in a rich area, Náncsi Néni is not a fancy place with those red and white table covers. It represents traditional Hungarian cuisine with all the sinful heavy food how a typical Hungarian grandma cooks them, though international dishes are also available. The outdoor seating area is in a nice garden with century old oak and chestnut trees, which has a great atmosphere in the summer. The restaurant pays special attention to families with babies, guests with pets and bikes are also welcome.

Café Kör
17 Sas utca, H-1051 Budapest

Café Kör is one of the most popular restaurants in the heart of the busy Fifth District, near St. Stephen’s Basilica. If a café can be called a second home, this bistro feeling makes you feel comfortable. It serves excellent traditional food prepared with loving care – just like at home. The portions are large at prices are friendly. Those visiting this café frequently already know the menu by heart, but there is always a surprise in the daily menu which is scribbled on the wall as you expect in a bistro. This café is always full of people living social life here and bustling with conversation. | Newsphere by AF themes.