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Asian Wedding Ceremony Ideas – Ideas For Asian Weddings

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In America today, there are many different groups of Asians. There are Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese to name just a few. Each one of these cultures have aspects that are unique to their heritage and if you are interested in having an Asian wedding ceremony and reception, you may be looking for some ideas to give you inspiration.

Foods to Serve

A traditional Japanese menu served at a wedding are kelp, red rice and sea bream which is the Japanese fish used to indicate happiness. The typical beverage served is sake or rice wine.

The Chinese are known for a phonetic play on certain words. For instance, in Chinese the word apple sounds like the phrase, “go safely.” When you are served fat choy, it is similar to the expression, “be prosperous.” Lotus-seed tea is the traditional beverage served at a Chinese wedding.

At a traditional Korean wedding, you may be served noodles called Kuk soo and they are the symbol for a long life. If you want to know if someone of Korean heritage is married, you need only to ask them, “Kuk soo mo-gus-soy-oh?” Translated, you are asking them if they have eaten noodles yet.

Asian Religious Beliefs

For as many Asian cultures you can find, you will find as many religious practices. Some of the major religions practiced by Asians are Buddhism, Taoist, Hindu, Moslem, and Christian.

A Japanese wedding ceremony will typically take place in a chapel or a Shinto shrine. In Japan, weddings are usually performed in spring and fall and the day of the wedding is chosen for a day of fortune that can be found in the almanac.

When you attend a Chinese wedding ceremony you will notice an umbrella that is used to cover the couple to be married. This is an ancient ritual that symbolizes protection and honor to the marrying couple as they start their life together.

A Buddhist style wedding ceremony is carried out at the Honganji Temple. This Asian wedding ceremony may include prayers, a staging of Buddhist rosaries, a speech from the priest, the burning of incense, taking the drinks of oath and the clasping of hands as Buddhist worship.

Do the proper research to make your Asian wedding ceremony and reception something that will keep your guests talking for years to come about the authenticity of the event. It is sure to be a day that you both won’t forget. | Newsphere by AF themes.